What a great trip.

We had a blast at the Monterey Bay Aquarium! We stayed at a lodge up in Carmel Valley that was great too. We spent the majority of our time there at the pool! So, I’m a little pink right now. Anyway, here are a few pics of the boys at the aquarium.

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It’s a little hard to see but that’s a shark right next to Obadiah. He really liked the sharks!! We went to the Manta Ray swim tank, where you can try to touch the Rays. We had Obadiah hanging over the edge to try and touch one, then when one got close he kind of freaked out and backed off. Right as he was backing away this Manta Ray poked it's head right up our of the water and looked right at Obadiah!!! It was so cool.

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My favorite part was definitely the Jellyfish. They really look like the picture in my previous post, where they kind of glow that cool orange color. Those ones are HUGE too!! The main body part of them is about the size of a soccer ball. There were even these tiny little ones that looked like they had an internal light system. The lights around the edges of their bodies flashed all kinds of different colors. They kind of looked like the aliens from that movie “The Abyss”.

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On the way back up to Santa Rosa we went through San Francisco, or as Northern Californians call it; “The City”. It was a pretty clear day, just a little fog. Plus you’ve got to go across the Golden Gate Bridge every chance you get!!

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Crissi said...

This is totally not about your trip, though I love the Aquarium, and it looks like you guys had a blast. I just wanted you to know that last time I checked, Obadiah's plane video had 111 hits on it, and I believe that 100 of those hits are from my computer. You see, I made the mistake of showing the kids that video, and now Lucas wants to see it everyday, sometimes more than once. He thinks it is so cool to see his friend in a "movie", and also likes to comment on Obadiah getting sick. Just thought you'd like to know that you either have a fan or a stalker over here...

Mad Cow said...

Wait, I have a joke. (This one's for you, Katie.)

Q: Why did the blog nerd take a photo of the Golden Gate bridge even though he's been on it hunderds of times in his lifetime?

A: To blog about it, of course!

Sorry Jimmy, I think it's pretty safe to say that we are all HUGE nerds, and that's OK. Anyone who gets way too excited about a trip to the doctor's office or a dog cast needs to accept that they are blog nerds, and make peace with it.

Michael Scott: You'll be like the dwarf that follows the wizard to the end of the earth in... uh... Lord of the Rings!

Dwight Schrute: Gimli.

Michael Scott: ...NERD. THAT's why you're not on the team.