Good Grief!!!

Poor old Charlie Brown!

He's had a rough weekend.

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Remember how I posted a while ago about how these Charlie Brown statues started popping up all over town? Well this one got stolen on Saturday morning.
CLICK HERE to read the story.

Then, on Sunday, he got stolen AGAIN!!! This time stolen away from the original thiefs, so that the "secondary" thief could collect on the "no questions asked" reward of $2,500.
CLICK HERE to read that story.


Jenny Jorg said...

Oh yeah, I heard about the first part on KZST. Charlie gets around I suppose. I bet that soon we shall see security officers guarding him 24/7, security cameras, and an electric fence around him.

ben said...

What he needs is a good Beagle to protect him.

Hidden Valley Girl said...

It's not easy being a bald - headed kid with the girls that he's surrounded by . . . lucy,a dominating, self-absorbed crab apple,my way or the highway type,(AKA Perma Bi_ _ h), peppermint patty, hmmm, do we really KNOW that she's a girl anyways? Seems pretty shady to me . . .