We had a Thanksgiving dinner with our home group just before Thanksgiving. This has become our tradition with our home group. We do a full on Thanksgiving meal, turkey, stuffing, and all and then we take time to tell each other what we're grateful for.
I'm beginning to see another benefit of living in community with a small group of believers. As we live out what it means to be a faith community it models appropriate behavior for those around us. I see this most clearly in my sons.
That night my boys sat nearby as we took time to tell each person why we were grateful for each other.
Later that night after I tucked in, and prayed for my boys, Obadiah stopped me before I got to the door.

"Daddy? he said. "
"What's up buddy?"
"I just wanted to say thank you."
"Thank you for what son?"
"Well... Not for one thing, but kind of, for everything."
As tears came to his eyes he continued, "Daddy, you got us this house, and you pay for our room, and you got is this new bunk bed, and you paid for our stuff, and Daddy we've got some pretty cool stuff... And I just wanted to say thank you."

I could barely hold back tears.

This beautiful moment gave me a glimpse into what it must be like when God, our Father must feel like when we, His children lift our hearts towards Him in humble gratitude.

May we live a life of gratitude.
May we be truly thankful.