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Hi everyone, I just wanted to share a few picture from Camp. It’s so beautiful up here. I feel closest to God when I am out in the woods, experiencing the beauty of God’s creation firsthand, so I'm lovin' it!!!

Here are some of the activities at the camp:

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The Ropes Course. These are always fun. There is a leap of faith that’s new this year. They can pull it out to any length you want it. The guys keep trying to outdo each other. They’re getting the trapeze out to about 8 feet!!

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The Dune Buggy course is new this year too. These things FLY!!! I wiped out on one corner. All the kid’s laughed at me. Good times!!!

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This is the late night campfire service. They play a few team games, talk about what went on in service, and sing a few worship songs. Everyone comes back smelling like campfire smoke.

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The critters come out at night. Look at the size of this thing!!! The spots on the wings are reflective silver. So cool looking!

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This is one half of the auditorium. The musical worship times have gone really well. Did I mention that it’s SO LOUD in here? The kid’s sing out at the top of their lungs!!!

It’s going good. Thanks for your prayers for this camp!!!

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Lizanne said...

Worship with teenagers rocks my soul. I love to see them so engrossed in the love of God and unashamed to let it move them. I am glad you are having a good time. I leave for camp in a week and can't wait!