Camp ROCKS!!!

Hey they have internet!!! Who knew?!?! Camp is going great. There are the same old silly games that always happen at camps, and of course the evening services.
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Another thing that is really cool is that my old youth group is here!! A few faces from the past, including a couple of guys that were on my worship team back then!!
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It's been cool to hang out with these guys and jam a little bit. The musical worship has gone really well, and the kids seem to really be getting it. As soon as I start a song they just take over. They sing SO LOUD!!! There's almost 500 campers, so it's really loud in the auditorium. The speaker is pretty cool. I really like the way he ended the service last night. Instead of the usual "come to Jesus" altar call he sent the kids outside to find a spot in the midst of creation and have some personal time with God. Really cool. Sends the message that everyone can hear from God, not just the "professionals". I'll try to post later. Keep praying.

grace and peace, jimmy


Sara said...

So, I wasn't at your camp... but I agree that "camp rocks"! We also just had an incredibly divine weekend with our kids. It's so strange to be on the counselor-end, eh?! :)

chris said...

what camp are you at? We used to take our youth group to Calvin Crest. Amazing Beautiful up there. Have a great week.

jimmy said...

We are up near Yosemite. The camp is called Old Oak Ranch. It's so beautiful up here. The evening services are happening right as the sun sets, so that's killing me to not be outside for the sunset. I think I'm going to bail out on service for a bit tonight to check it out though. I'm taking more pictures. I'll post them when I get a chance.

Natala said...

wow, that's very cool jimmy :) watch out for the bears.

Lorna said...

Like the sound of the speaker! And yes to Sara it is strange to be on the counselor or teacher end.

Camp isn't so much of a way of life here in Finland, but God is doing a new thing here and my son came home from a believers camp a changed young man.