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I’ve heard of being all things to all people… but this is ridiculous!!!

I don’t have a problem with a church having a service that has a specific style of music if that style of music helps them express their love of Christ in an authentic way. I don’t even have a problem with churches that have a certain theme. You know, different strokes for different folks… Whatever blows your skirt up.

The thing that bums me out about this is that it seems like Saddleback Church is trying to take over the entire church “market” in their hometown. Pastor Rick… why do you need a service with gospel music, and a big choir? There’s already a church in town that’s doing that. Why do you need a worship service with “Island” music and a “Luau”? There’s a Samoan church a few miles away that already does this. Why do you need a “Traditions” service? There are tons of churches in town that offer hymn singing and solid biblical teaching. Why do you need a “Country” service? Actually, why does anybody need a country service!?!?!?

Pastor Rick, your church is big enough.


good quote from a good book

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“The art of evangelism is not one to be mastered; it’s more lifestyle than duty and more natural process than calculated function of necessity. It’s God’s resounding request for His followers to participate in His story. Your spiritual, mental, and emotional involvement is key to being an engaged follower of Jesus who naturally and effortlessly shares your faith story. God has called you to participate. Will you?”

Matthew Paul Turner, The Coffeehouse Gospel

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Hurrican Rita Update

NOT AGAIN...Just when the Gulf Coast thought it was safe to come out and play... Here comes Rita.
Hurricane Rita is Category 4 right now, which is a pretty major Hurricane.
It looks like it's headed for Houston. Our fourth team from Santa Rosa looks like it may be stranded in New Orleans because pretty much every flight from down south goes through Houston.

There are also tons of people getting stuck in Houston. Lizanne is a blogger that frequents this site and she wrote asking for prayer. Lizanne and her husband are church planters in the Houston area. Because of gridlock, and outrageous gas prices her family, and thousands of other families are being forced to hunker down and ride out the storm. Pray with me for those that are forced to stay in those areas...

UPDATE 9-27-05

Lizanne's electricity and internet are back up so she was able to let us know that her family is safe. They got lot's of wind but no damage to their home. She says that the kids are enjoying time away from school!!! Thanks for your prayers.



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I've finally put together the pictures and a little bit of the video that we got during the trip to Louisiana and Mississippi. It was way too much for culture driven life so I put together a site for the pictures and the stories that came out of my recent relief mission to the gulf coast. Please take a minute to check it out.


words cannot describe...

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Words cannot describe the destruction I've seen in the past few days. I'm heading home, in the Houston airport waiting for a connecting flight. I'm tired. I'm looking forward to being home. I can't wait to kiss my wife, and my boys. Hopefully I'll get to sleep in a little bit. After I've had a day or two to decompress I'll post a day by day description of my trip to Louisiana and Mississippi. I've got tons of pictures and a bit of video too.
Stay tuned...



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Tuesday afternoon September 6th, I will be joining a team that will be heading to Louisiana to help with the Hurricane Katrina disaster relief efforts. We will be taking a 32 foot motorhome that will be packed with food, water, diapers, clothing, and other supplies. This motorhome has been donated to help set up a base for relief operations.

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Once we have set up a base for hurricane relief operations other teams will follow in the months ahead to help with the ongoing effort. I have to go. I’ve gotta pack. I’m sure I’ll have stories and pictures to share when I get back.

Please pray for us.

If you would like to help:

CLICK HERE to support our team, look for the “Donate” button (must have Paypal account), or mail your donation to:

Hope Chapel Santa Rosa
4983 Sonoma Highway STE. D
Santa Rosa, CA 95409 USA
(write: “UGO4GOD-Hurricane Relief” in the memo area of the check)

While we're gone...
CLICK HERE to check the “UGO4GOD blog” for updates from our team.

grace and peace, jimmy



This last week has really been a blur. I’ve felt kind of numb. All the news stories about the hurricane, all the images on the TV and the web. It’s hard to watch. It’s all too much.

Sitting on my couch 2,327 miles away it all seemed so surreal. I felt helpless. I didn’t fell like there was anything I could do.

When the news first started coming in detailing the immensity of the disaster I can remember thinking, “I need to pray, I need to pray.” Which is true, but I need to do more than that. WE need to do more than that. Too often prayer becomes a cop out for Christians. It’s easy to pray without actually DOING anything to help. I realize that I can’t go over there by myself, but I can support those who can. I can’t send water, but I can support the relief agencies that are providing fresh water. I can’t provide medical help, but I can support those who can. I can help. I can do something.


CLICK HERE to Donate to the Salvation Army

Check out a firsthand account of the devastation at DANCING WITH KATRINA