June 4th, 2005.... HIGH NOON

2005 Western Regional Pro-Am Rock Paper Scissors Chamionships in Sonoma County today!!!

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"For a third straight year, Roshambo Winery in Healdsburg, California will play host to the Southwest Pro-Am Rock-Paper-Scissors Championship. Considered by many to be the first jewel in the Triple Crown of Rock-Paper-Scissors"


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Mad Cow said...

I saw something on a local TV channel about this. Really, I only watched because I love their wine, and because the people involved were HILARIOUS. The contestants were so serious about it, talking about their strategies and their opponents' "tells". The best part was that the girl who won it last year said it was complete luck, and that she didn't think about a "strategy" at all.

I think we should host our own paper-rock-scissors tournament, and the prize should be lots and lots of beer. What do you think?

jimmy said...

I'm in.