Christmas came early!!!

Obadiah and Malachi have wanted a puppy for so long! We thought about other pets since mommy and daddy have bad allergies but other pets never worked out. Turtles? Nope. Snakes? Daddy said yes, but mommy said no.
Then we went to a friends house a while back and visited with her Teacup Yorkie. It was so cute and we noticed that we weren't sneezing! We did a little research and found out that this breed is especially good for people who have allergy problems! The boys have had their heart set on a puppy and it broke our heart to hear them tell Santa at the mall that they really wanted a puppy but they knew they could never have one because of mom and dad's allergies so we knew they'd be super surprised when we brought him home!
He's a Yorkshire Terrier and his name is Ezra.

You should have seen the look on their faces! Check out the video below for the exact moment the boys met Ezra.