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Liz J said...

Congratulations! By the way, you really capture the mind of a child when you write on their blog. At least I assume it's you.

Jeff Nash said...

Hey congratulations bro! And thanks for the comment by the way!

Your blog has also interested me in Santa Rosa a bit. I'll be taking a big road trip down the coast later this month. Unfortunately I won't be there on a Wednesday for the fair, but is there anything else going on in the town? What's it like down there?

Hidden Valley Girl said...

Way to go Jim! Uh, are ya sure little Malachi didn't finally just break down to get your attention from the 25 lb. diaper hanging to the ground full of poopie that you forgot to change, like, all day becuase either your trying to economize or because you just plain forgot? Hee, hee j/k! I'm glad you feel accepted by Malachi now.

jimmy said...

thank you thank you! I'm pretty stoked about little Malachi's latest developement!

liz, I do write that stuff, but a lot of it is verbatim from what Obadiah randomly spouts out.

valleygirl, I never let the diaper get that big. If he's got that much bowel activity going on I strip him naked, put him in the back yard, and turn on the sprinklers.
BTW, how did the move go? Can't wait to see the new digs.

nash, best breakfast: Omlette Express,
best lunch: Jalisco's Taqueria,
best dinner: depends, if you want steak: Cattleman's, if you want fish n' chips and good microbrew: Third St. Aleworks, If you like garlic: Johnny Garlic's, if you like sushi: Tex Wasabi.
best tourist trap: Charles Schulz Museum, and Snoopy Ice Arena.
best coffee: Aroma Roasters
best people watching: Fourth St.
If you've got time, drive out to Armstrong Grove. One of the most amazing spots to walk amongst the redwoods!!!
If you dig wine, we're a short drive from tons of great wineries in Kenwood, Sonoma, and Napa.
Email me when you're coming up, I'll give you directions or whatever!

Hidden Valley Girl said...

So, did you get that pic off of mullet.com or did you recently get very ugly and grow a mullet yourself?! Have you been to mullet.com? It's a hoot!! My friend corrien has "mullet magnets" on her refrigerator!! Corrien and I are actually obsessed with mullets!! (not because their sexy but because they are soo gag reflex!) I try to take pics of mullets when I see them, so I can get a good laugh and squeamish feelings in my tummy!! Comb-overs rule!!!

jimmy said...

What do you mean? That's all me baby!! I decided to grow out my hair a little bit in the back. I'll keep it short up front for work though, you know, business in front, party in back. Anyway, I'm pretty excited about my new look. In fact you can show me your support by voting for me at http://www.hotornot.com/r/?eid=EYK8ARE&key=EPA

Now, if you'll 'scuse me, I gotta slop the hogs

Jeff Nash said...

Ah thanks for the recommendations, sir. The idea of walking through the redwoods sounds especially appealing. I may have to save an afternoon for that.

Jenny Jorg said...

Phew! I was starting to worry. The poor kid would get made fun of to no avail if he went around calling you and other dads "spongebob". (I bet you played a tape next to his bed every night while he slept that would say "Dad....Dad....Dad...")