Every year, right around the time that it starts getting warm, Santa Rosa hosts the “Wednesday Night Market”. It’s great fun. Lots of food from local vendors, local arts and crafts, lot’s of food, live musicians, attractions for the kids, lots of food, wacko political and religious groups handing out tons of flyers, fresh local produce, and lastly, lot’s of food.

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These guys were doing a drum circle in front of a music store that specializes in hand drums and ethnic instruments. They had several drums, a bass player, and a hippy chick chanting some kind of crap about how "the trees carried her spirit away" or something.

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People seemed to be into it. These guys were especially moved! They were dancing around like crazy people. You remember that scene in “the Doors” when Jim Morrison is wacked out on peyote and he’s dancing around in the desert…. kind of like that.

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Obadiah was at the archery range with his Grandpa so Katie, Malachi, and I perused the market, with Kettle Corn in hand.

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Immediately after taking this picture Katie said, “Put that damn camera away. I know how you think. All you can think about is how you’re going to blog about this tomorrow.” She was right.

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I thought this was worth sharing. Charles Schulz lived in Santa Rosa and the Snoopy Museum is here in Santa Rosa too. Over the last week these oversized Charlie Browns have been popping up all over downtown. They are the shape of Charlie Brown but they are painted with all kinds of different artistic motifs. You can’t really tell from the picture but this thing’s almost six feet tall.

And then… there were THESE GUYS!!!!!

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Can you believe your eyes? I couldn’t either. These guys looked amazing!!! Their hair is really dyed like that. They’re not playing dress up.
When they look in the mirror in the morning they say,

“OK, that’s about right”

and then they head out the door!!!

They said I could take their picture if I gave them a dollar. They actually seemed really excited when I agreed to pay them. I figure that dollar is well worth the laughs!!

I’m telling you, The freaks per capita numbers around here are way out of wack!!!


Crissi said...

Ok, I live in this town where the freaks come out on Wednesdays in the summertime, and I still enjoyed this! You just can't beat the market...

Natala said...

oh how washington dc area needs folks like that...
be thankful for the odd ones, they are far more interesting than the business politicians that walk the streets here :)
i think i want to move....

ben said...

Hey Jim, wasn't that guy on the left in our youth group?

Flock of Seagulls RULES!

Anonymous said...

Hey hey now, those are my homies. Talk nice. :-)

jimmy said...

Ben, do you really recognize him? I didn't.

Gina, do you really know these guys, or do you just kind of "relate to them" because you're kind of a freak too?