Happy FOURTH!!!!

Happy Fourth of July!!! I made it through camp and had a wonderful time and I am coming to you LIVE from sunny San Diego. We are hanging out with my Brother Ben and his lovely wife Lindsay. I promised some more pictures from camp so here they are!!The last day of camp was very relaxing to me. I skipped out on several meetings, just to spend some time out in creation alone with God. Here is the view from a trail near the camp that I took an early morning walk on. There's an aqueduct along the path, and the sound of the running water is so soothing as you walk along. I brought a book (and the good book), found a nice spot in the shade and took my watch off and put it in my pocket.
Here is the trail. The weather has been really great. By 8am it's already shorts and T-shirt weather. It does get a little too hot in the afternoon though. It was over 100 degrees two of the days that I was there. The air is so clean up there, and the water is too!!Later in the day I went on a mountain bike ride along this trail. At this point in the trail these beautiful plants almost overtook the path. As you ride through you can feel them brush up against your legs. They were really beautiful and I remember hoping that they weren't poison oak, or ivy. I haven't broken out with anything yet.

I had the unique opportunity to teach a class on the last day of camp. I'm not a great public speaker by any stretch of the imagination, so I was pretty terrified. I think it went really well though. All week long I had gotten questions ranging from technical questions about gear, to questions about song selection, and conflict with team members, or church leadership. Knowing that there were so many questions out there I figured that I would tell them my philosophy on worship, tell them how I got involved in musical worship, and then open it up for questions. It went surprisingly well!!! I stumbled through my story, and then talked through their questions with them for about 40 minutes.
After the musical worship in that evening service I went outside to take a picture of the sunset. All week long I had been lamenting the fact that the sun sets at the exact same time as when we are all in the auditorium. So I quietly snuck out the back door and took this picture.

All in all it was a great week. Thanks again for all your prayers for this camp!!

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Natala said...

so glad you had a great time!
and that you didn't have any encounters with bears :)
i remember when we were out there, a sign at one of the parks read:
"If a Bear comes up to you, shout loudly "GO AWAY BEAR!".
so next time you are in that neck of the woods - it's something to keep in mind :)
happy fourth to you too!