road trip part deux

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Serious splatter!!! Bugs were committing hare kare like crazy!!!
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Here is Katie and I, at the right, and the crew that was able to make it away for the weekend. The conference was good. I felt like several of the speakers "got it" when it comes to worship being a lifestyle, and an extension of everything that you do.
One speaker in particular that really blew me away was Pastor Scotty Smith. He talked a lot about worship being a lifestyle and how church in general has become a spiritual "food court" with "consumer's of spiritual goods" lining up to get their fix. He's co-writing a book with Steven Curtis Chapman of all people and the subject is about the "big picture", the "whole story" and where we find ourselves in the story. It almost felt like I was listening to McLaren talking about "The story we find ourselves in".
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This is Jon; bass player, drummer, (Barry White soundalike "Hey Baby..") and vocalist extraordinaire. Check out the sign over his shoulder.
Chocolate love indeed.
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Duke's Bitchin' Burger, the best burgers and coldest beer in San Clemente!!!
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Katie and I got a chance to hang out with my brother Ben and his lovely bride Lindsay on Friday night. I miss hanging out with my brother. It was good to spend some quality time. We talked for hours about the way things are and the way they would be if we ruled the world.
All in all a great weekend.


Anonymous said...

That's funny. I somehow don't remember Angie's hand being on my leg when that picture was being taken. Scotty Smith looks very different when he shaves! I'd like to check out the other books he's written also. He was by far my favorite person to listen to. Good times, thanks Jimmy.

lee said...

bitchin' burgers & road trips...

is there anything better?

ben said...

That margarita looks just as good on my computer screen as it looked in my hand...if only taste-a-email were a reality rather than a figment...

I had a lot of fun too bro, talking to you about worship in relation to the current state of most churches was refreshing, got a little bit off my chest, didn't fix anything but straightened my compass a little bit though.