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Several people have been coming to this site using the search, "Tell me all your thoughts on God, cause I'm on my way to see her." If you are looking for the discussion on one of the names of God, "El Shaddai" that post is just below this one. If you are looking for the song that has the same lyrics as the post title, welcome, stay as long as you like. Apparently I'm the number one search result on Yahoo if you search for "tell me all your thoughts..."
If you're looking for the song it's by a band called Dishwalla. They're awesome, I've seen them live. The song is called, "counting blue cars".
CLICK HERE to go to the band's website.
CLICK HERE to get the album that has "Counting Blue Cars".
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homebrewer said...

You sure do find some interesting images. Did you notice that the shadow of one of those leave is on her thumb? Weird!

jimmy said...

Oh cool, that's sweet. I didn't notice that. That picture is the album cover for Dishwalla's latest album.