God's Politics

The East Waynesville Baptist Church, of Waynesville North Carolina says Democrats are not welcome. The pastor kicked out 9 members of the congregation who aligned themselves with the Democratic Party, and then another 40 members left in protest.

In a recent service the Pastor told the congregation that the members of the Democrat persuasion were guilty of “not supporting the President” and that they needed to bow at the altar and pray for forgiveness or leave the church immediately.

UPDATE: earlier this week (5-13-05) the senior pastor of the East Waynesville Baptist Church handed in his resignation.


lee said...

boy, don't it make ya' proud to be a christian?

Roman said...

Funny, I thought we lived in a county where you don't have to support the president if you don't agree with him. Obviously I was mistaken. And churches are getting even better about being open to people, aren't they?

homebrewer said...

Fine. From now on at my church (Sunday Morning Holy Pillow)only Libertarians can vote in the church elections.