Rosa Parks

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Rosa Parks 1913-2005

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Katie H said...

I was just about to create a very similar post.
What an amazing woman.

Jarred D said...

she was so strong even into her old age. yall know just a few years ago she filed a law suit against Outkast the hip hop super group because of a song called "Rosa Parks". The song did't really have anything to do with her story, but it had the line "everyone move to the back of the bus" throughout the chorus. This was unacceptable to ms. parks because it clearly was not what she stood for, yet the song bore her name. She felt by quietly allowing the song to be titled this, she was endorsing it and could not have that, so she embarked on the journey of going to court. She lost the suit, but many think was awarded alot of respect and dignity, for protecting her legacy, while never really making it an attack against the huge hip hop act. ms. parks will be sorely missed, and always loved...jarred d