it’s the end of the world as we know it

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The death toll in the 7.6 magnitude earthquake that struck Pakistan has soared to over 30,000 people. Officials say that the average age in the hardest hit areas is 18 years old. They say an entire generation has been destroyed.

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The earthquake was so strong that it could be felt across all of South Asia. The United Nations has warned that 2.5 million people are in need of shelter following the earthquake.

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Guatemala's death toll from torrential rains last week associated with Hurricane Stan are projected to reach 1,000 people.

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Mudslides a half mile wide and up to twenty feet deep have swallowed entire villages. Overwhelmed officials have declared some areas mass graves and have stopped recovery efforts.
“Panabaj will no longer exist, we are asking that it be declared a cemetery. We are tired, we no longer know where to dig.”

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WHAT IS GOING ON?!?!? Tsunami, Hurricane Katrina, Hurricane Rita, Hurricane Stan, earthquakes, mudslides… Is it me, or is this stuff happening with a lot more frequency than in the past?
Is it God's judgment? Global warming? Happenstance?

If I were the apocalyptic type I’d be gathering up my “left behind” books and heading for the bomb shelter.


Hidden Valley Girl said...

I believe that these things are just one more good clue that we might be in the last days (if ya know what I mean). . . I don't know . . . Very sad about all of these tragic events though, makes me think twice about the "important things" in my life, like my relationships with the ones I love and to not take time spent with them for granted . . .

Jenny Jorg said...

It's horrific all the tragedies that are happening all at once!

Where did I put that movie anyways? ;)

Jarred D said...

i cant call it jimmy. i simply am in awe of the events of the world as of late. is it happenstance,is it God, is it global warning? i think it is entirely possible to say its global warming and it is God. christians i think make a mistake when then completely cut out science within their belief system. "big bang theory, or evolution? no way God created the earth". or "global warming? not a chance this is God". well within this belief system their is plenty of room for God to use global warming or some of the scientific explanations for the origins of the earth to further his purpose. i was just reading in the sacbee about many scientists who also are considered to be experts in theology (god fearing ones at that) that can connect the two. do i think this is Gods judgment? i can't answer that, but i can say i certainly havent heard from God that it was. all that i know is He did say this stuff was going to happen, so even if it happened from global warming, He still was the only one that could have called it. i am so so sorry for all the many lives lost in these tragedies...jarred

ben said...

I can remember at least 12-15 times in my life that people around the world have declared the end-times in full swing and have begun stockpiling goods and looking into property in the mountains. I can also remember the sheepish sigh that followed when nothing happened and life continued as before.
The way I see it the "end-times" have been in full swing since Christ ascended from the earth and since the beginning of time there have always been Earthquakes, Tsunamis, Floods, Plague, Disease, Death and Destruction.
The Middle East region has always been in turmoil, ALWAYS. Long before Christ came on the scene even.
And Middle East leaders have also gone between declaring peace and cutting each others throats since the time of Christ as well...and it's always been about who's pissing on who's land, when really they all have the same great grandfathers from hundreds of generations back...I'm getting off track.
The point is (IMO) don't panic.
This has all happened before and it will all happen again. If you can help, help. If not, stop wringing your hands because it's not helping anyone and it's stirring up the lemmings.

For myself, I feel terrible at the loss of life, I saw on the news this morning that the death toll is up to around 42,000 and climbing. It's horrible.

Manateechik said...

A little girl was found alive today by her brother, a full 8 days later. What a miracle.