leavin' on a jet plane...

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Katie just sent me a text message to let me know that she was boarding the plane headed for New Orleans. She's going to stay for a week and help out the same group that I was with when I was in Louisiana about a month ago. Pastor Troy and his crew have set up a kitchen area to feed the construction crews, and the people of New Orleans that are slowly making their way back home. Pastor Troy tells us that they have been feeding over 500 people per day. Katie is going with several people from our church including Gina and Liz.

I would appreciate your prayers for the safety of Katie and her team. Katie asked also for everybody to pray that I will remember to feed the boys. I think she was being sarcastic, but I can't be certain.

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Riana said...

Kati is in my prayers, may both of you be blessed for what you do for God.

Did you do breakfast for the kids... ;)

Hidden Valley Girl said...

I saw Katie in the SR mall on Saturday. She didn't mention she was going, but maybe she was too upset at the fact that she had just had her bag of clothes stolen in the food court. Did she ever recover it? Well tell her that our thoughts and prayers are with her.
Oh, and, don't forget, your boys need to eat lunch EVERY day and I don't think that twinkies and doritos qualify as "lunch", um, yeah . . . ;)

jimmy said...

She did get the clothes back. She still used it as an excuse to buy more though.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with Twinkies and Dorito's! In fact I'm pretty sure that Dorito's are one of the main food groups in that pyramid thingy.

I've been feeding them healthy stuff like cold pizza (breakfast), tic tacs (lunch), and puddin' pops (dinner)!


Hidden Valley Girl said...

Real high class eatin' - Well. . . good luck with alla that!

UGO4GOD said...

Jimmy, let me know how Katie's doing. Call me up! I only answer for Rockstars and their wives. Also, if the kids need a real meal, I'd be happy to take them with me for Chinese or Applebees or pizza. Love, Lori

PS I don't know how to do these blogs and I can't find my comment about that crazy stupid guy, did I post it or email it?

jimmy said...

It posted Lori. You probably just need to hit the refresh button after posting a comment.