because we need a christian version of everything


Roman said...

I have many things in my head to say on this, but none of them are appropriate to write in a comment. I'll give you a hint though, a word with "f" comes up a lot.


Not really

Hidden Valley Girl said...

Um, I think I just threw up in my mouth alittle bit . . .

Crissi said...

Because God wanted men to get really (but not really, really) mad and then take out the chair, in the name of God, and beat the holy hell out of them. Amen.
P.S. This is also the best I can do and keep it clean, but I'm with Roman.

Jenny Jorg said...

Wow, almost every name is one syllable. Maybe that's not their real names *gasp*!

Jarred D said...

whats funny, is the names on their bare a strong resemblance to real pro-wrestlers. such as "rob adonis" when there was a adrian adonis back in the day. or "brian lawler" taking a cue from jerry the king lawler from wwf fame. i know im baring my soul allowing you to see an OLD guilty pleasure of mine, but its ironic how they try to make it look like the real deal. in church i used to hear pastors say, everything that God does, the devil will deliver a counterfeit, its funny how the roles are reversed now in some levels. i know this is a ridiculous example but its crazy how much of christian music strives emulate mainstream music. and christian pro wrestling, striving to get a piece of the secular counterparts pie? smell what im cooking?...jarred

Darla said...

Glacier is my favorite

ben said...

Do you think that "Damien Synn" is the villain?

I was thinking of cool "christian" things to say when bringing the pain...maybe something like "How about a little right hand of the father to go with that Holy Ghost piledriver?!? Hallelujah!"

Jeff said...

I think I can take some of these guys.

do some Jake the Snake DDT and bust some skulls.

then, after he is laying passed out...pray over their body

Roman said...

Jarred D--how can we even distinguish anymore what is of God or Satan? Maybe it was Black Sabbath that was braught forth of God, and the "Christian" counterparts that keep people away? Okay, that might be stretching a bit, but trust me, most secular things are not half or even a tenth as evil as the church makes them to be (Remember, they used to burn JRR Tolkien books in mass quantities until the movies were a big hit and they accepted him, quite suddenly, as a "Christian Author" even though he was always Christian.)

Jarred D said...

actually, i am not familiar with that author, but i absolutley get what your saying. i dont think that negates my original post, however but serves as a side note rather. sometimes it is hard to distinguish between the two, but if you can honestly tell me this doesn't look like a knock off version of bigger pro-wrestling orginizations then and that, those bigger companies are possibly from God, then more power to you...jarred d

Riana said...

Nooo..... I am unsubscribing those e-mails for the US Green Card Lottery....

Roman said...

Actually, I meant it more as a side note...and to be honest, probably neither big business wrestling or UCW are of God.

lee said...

i ain't impressed until i see pat robertson vs. farakahn in a cage match...

i'd pay good christian money to see that 1...

Rob Adonis said...

Roman and Everyone else. We at UCW at appreciate your comments.

I am sorry that your vocabulary is limited to four letter words that can't be published.

We will pray for you and your vocabulary to be cleaned up.

Just knowing that part of your day was filled with UCW - That makes our day.

We do wish you would come to a show before you pass judgment on us. We really are an amazing ministry. We put our heart and soul in everything we do.

Commenting without knowing for yourself is tacky - don't you think.

Kind of makes you look like you just talk to hear yourself.

If you do - that is o.k.
They have therapy groups for that.


Jarred D said...

God bless you Rob, thanks for the post

Roman said...

Thank you, Mr. Adonis, for singling me out
Thank you for proclaiming my limited vocab(ulary)
Even when I use it for simple humor and sarcasm
Thank you for judging me without researching who I am
As you proclaim I have done to you—I suppose to give me an example
Thank you for making me realize that Christ is only a market
And that you can’t be a Christian if you can’t bend him to your lifestyle
Thank you for mocking me in your comment
It shows you truly are the bigger man
And I suppose you are right, a therapy group would be good for me
Thank you for your lovely website
That somewhat makes me mourn for Christianity’s survival
And especially, thank you for saying these things on Jimmy’s blog
When you can easily contact me through my own—
But I suppose you would have known that, right?
Since you don’t judge without knowing about the person?

If you respond again, I will not respond to you
For respect to Jimmy and his blog
I post this only on his permission.

God Bless you, Mr. Adonis…
And go have fun with yourself