kyle lake 1972-2005

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Pastor Kyle Lake was electrocuted this morning when he reached for a microphone during a baptismal service at his church University Baptist Church. He is pictured here at left, with two members of his church staff, including his worship leader, David Crowder, at right.
Kyle leaves behind his wife Jennifer, a 5 year old daughter, and twin 3 year old sons.

Pray for the Lake family during this difficult time.
Pray for the University Baptist Church family.

Kyle Lake was a talented writer, a forward thinker, and a kindred spirit. He will be missed.

CLICK HERE for the coverage at CNN
CLICK HERE for Pastor Kyle's comments when he last visited culture driven life


Crissi said...

Whoa.... It just goes to show how much the Lord is in charge, how our time is in His hands. My prayers are with his family, friends, and church, and those who witnessed this.

ben said...

That's very sad.

Jarred D said...

hmmm, i am sad to say i have never heard of kyle lake, it sounds like he had some great insight. its a sad and glorious day...jarred

Jenny Jorg said...

you know what's ironic too? In the back of his book "Understanding God's Will" apendix B, he talks about "all things working together for good...". He talks about people dying etc. Re-read it if you haven't already! Very interesting.

Anonymous said...

Kindred spirit for sure, Jimmy. My eyes filled with tears as I read your post and the previous comments that he had posted. Kyle challenged me more than most writers. I really appreciated the time he took to answer our questions and help us get our minds around God's will. So, so sad. What a loss.

Brian Andresen said...

University Baptist Church (Waco, TX) is collecting remembrances of Kyle:

"The FOOTPRINTS Project is a venture to gather and preserve the memory and legacy of Kyle Lake. If Kyle has touched your life in any way (as a friend, a pastor, or a stranger), PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE take a few minutes to sit down and reflect on the FOOTPRINTS that Kyle has left in your own life and heart and how he has touched and impacted your Journey. Your reflection may surface in the form of a story, a poem, or a scattered stream of thought.

"The intention of this project is to provide a sort of time capsule or treasure chest of memories for Kyle's family. As you sit down to write your reflection, ask yourself this question: 'What do I want Kyle's children to know about their father? What can I give them to remember his life by?'"