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Congratulations to Thomas & Mellissa on the arrival of Ruby Rae!

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Mad Cow said...

UNBELIEVABLE. I met you guys just six months ago, I know because Melissa announced that she was three months pregnant at the dinner at Hope. You know, the dinner that was the same night Maggie gave us all a good run for our money. The "riding in Jimmy's truck while Ted sits on garbage bags in the Jetta" incident. That was the day that, officially, Ted won. Yes, I said won. Because now, whenever I feel like bitching about something, he only has to mention that day, and I pretty much have to shut up about whatever's bugging me. Cause really, does it get worse than that?

Anyway, that was the day we met Thomas and Melissa, and I can't believe that Ruby was born yesterday. I know, it happens, but it just went so fast. How exciting! Let's keep them in our prayers, a new baby is always a challenge, the most worthy kind. I wish them luck and happiness!!!