Brother Roger

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Brother Roger, the founder of the Ecumenical Taize Community was killed during an evening prayer service Tuesday evening August 16, 2005.

Brother Roger, 90, was leading the evening prayer service when a deranged woman stood up, pulled out a knife and attacked Brother Roger, stabbing him several times.
He died almost instantly. Parishioners held the woman until the authorities arrived. Over 2,500 worshipers witnessed the attack.

Brother Roger founded the Taize community in 1940 and made it his life's mission to spread peace and reconciliation among Christians.

I am so saddened by this senseless attack.

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Brother Roger with Mother Theresa


ben said...

That's sick. Shocking.

Jarred D said...

i have to be honest with you bro, i saw the pictures of their service, with the candles and everything and the first incling i got was this seems kind of fruity. i skipped the article all together at first, just based on the pictures. when i eventually read the article i have to agree with ben, completely shocking. but i can't help but focus on my own closed minded response at first. simply because it wasnt what i was used to seeing in church, and the pictures seemed a little eccentric i dismissed it. called it weird, and moved on. when i read it, i realized it was me who was missing something. i went to the taize community web site, and they seem like a solid group, but i was too closed minded to count the loss initially. as disappointing as it is i guess for me objectivity is still a choice i have to make daily, rather than it being instinctive...jarred d