UPDATE!!! (addendum)

My brother Josiah asked me to give you guys an update again. His face is healing up really well. For the first week the skin around his eye was pulled so tight that he was unable to close his eyelid all the way. That skin has started to stretch and looks like it will work just fine without additional surgery. His lip is healing up very nicely too. Above his lip you can tell where the cut is but on the lip itself you can't even see the line where it was cut open. It's amazing how fast the human body heals itself. AAHHH the wonders of creation!! The doctors are very happy with his recovery and say that he will only need one more follow up visit!!! I can't believe it!

WARNING!!! before and after pictures coming up...

July 10th, 2005
The morning after the first surgery.
We just got this picture from the surgeon.

July 24th, 2005
Two weeks after the surgeries

My parents, and my brother asked me to say once again, thanks for your prayers.

God is good.

ORIGINAL POST dated 7-14-05
My brother Josiah has asked me to pass along his thanks for your prayers this past week. He's been checking the comments section and said that it's been "really cool" to see that people from all over have been praying for him. I know that this has been really encouraging to him, so again, thank you. He told me it would be OK to put up a few pictures so you guys could see his progress.

I snapped this picture of him this afternoon after I took him out to lunch and gave him this pimpin' T shirt I had made for him.

WARNING: Grisly pictures coming up...

This picture was taken immediately following Josiah's second surgery. Here's how the accident happened: Josiah was riding a friend's mountain bike when the front wheel got loose and came off. He was thrown over the handlebars and landed face first. He was knocked out immediately, and has no memory of the accident. No bones were broken but he suffered major facial lacerations. His lip was split open all the way up to the corner of his nose. To the right of his nose you can see where they patched up the hole that was about the size of a dime. It was open, down to the bone. They had to call in an eye specialist to do the second surgery. There was so much damage that they had to cut loose a flap of skin on the side of his head almost back to his hairline, and pull the skin flap forward to cover the void.

In this picture you can see where the surgeons cut a V shaped incision to loosen the flap of skin to cover the wound by Josiah's eye.


Thanks again for your prayers.
grace and peace, jimmy


Jenny Jorg said...

Glad to hear he's doin better! By the way I love the shirt, that's pretty awesome. He can totally pick up chicks now (you know the whole "oh, were you in a fight...that's hot". lol...or not. whatever.)

Jeremy said...

Good to see he's doing well. He's smiling in most of these shots ... whats the story! Cool shirt!

One of my brothers had a very similar accident when he was about 13, the front wheel came out, he went over face first onto the road. It cut up his lips and forehead pretty bad with a big flap of flesh loose by his hairline. Sounds very similar. He's still the handsome one out of us 4.

Natala said...

wow, he'll have a great 'where did you get that scar" story.....
and def.a great way to pick up girls :)

ben said...

Lion Tamer, Stunt Man, Professional Cage Figter...He can pick from anyone of these great one line introductions and get away with them!
What a great way to make friends at a party;)

What sucks for me and you bro is that Josiah is STILL the best looking Donaghy! ARGGG.

jamie said...

wow...those are some crazy pictures. It's good to see him smiling.

Hidden Valley Girl said...

Wow, Josiah, I figured that you had changed since the last time I saw you, (which was when you were about 4) but, holey toledo man! Just kidding, you probably don't even remember me but I hope you are feeling better. I had my face re - arranged when I was just a little older than you - you'll get through it and come out looking like a rock star . . .I do! Hee hee! (uh, I hope this message gets to you!) Take care!

jimmy said...

Josiah has been keeping up on the messages here, so he'll get your message... rockstar ;-)

Roman said...

It is one of those pictures that the only logical thing that can come to your mind is: Where'd he get that T-shirt?

Glad to see he's doing good.

Chris C. said...

Now that he seems to be doing better I think it's ok to mention this...I watched O' brother where art thou last night and there is this part in the movie where one of the guys gets the crap beat out of him by a bible salesman...you have to watch it...the dude looks EXACTLY like your brother. Scary.

Crissi said...

Way to heal, Josiah! I've actually been thinking a lot about him. I'm glad to see that everything's healing smoothly. And I agree, that shirt is definitely pimpin'!

ben said...

You look great little brother, glad to see that you are healing so nicely and that your spirits are so high.

Big Brother and Defacto Scar Bearer Numero Uno: Ben

Lindsay said...

Josiah you look great, I can't believe how quickly you have healed!!!!!

Natala said...

you know, he's going to have the best pick up lines - ever.
looking good Josiah!