walking on water

Have you ever thought that you could do no wrong and then you fell on your face? This picture made me laugh so hard. You know this guy just thought he was TOO COOL!! He had the camera lined up, his friends all in the boat, thinking as soon as these pictures came out and word got out about what a stud he was he’d have to beat the chicks away with a stick.
Then this happened…


I had a really embarrassing moment early on in my music career that I thought of instantly when I saw this picture. I was learning more and more about playing and singing and was getting ready for my first big show. It was for a youth group rally. I was so stoked to play and I was especially excited since this was my first chance to sing lead and unleash my considerable talent on the world’s ears!! I have to say that I did a pretty killer job. The 400-500 kid’s in attendance gave uproarious applause to let me know how truly great I was.
I slowly walked across the stage at the end of the night, waving that rock n’ roll wave, and nodding my head as if to say, “that’s right, I do rock, don’t I?!?!?” Then, with ALL EYES ON ME, I tripped on a microphone cable and fell down 5 or 6 stairs to the floor of the auditorium. The laughter was almost as loud as the applause.

Have you ever had one of those moments?


Lizanne said...

It was at church camp, I was 16....Already sounds scary! I was wearing a two-piece that had a strapless top and thought I was being funny by wrapping my towel around me as if I had nothing on (teenage girls are sooo brilliant!) As I stood on the deck of the pool, one of the boys thought it would be funny to grab my towel and run away with it. I was left topless in front of 100 fellow campers. Yee Haw!

Anonymous said...

Lizanne, what kind of church camp did you get to go to? Every one I've heard of only allowed one-piece bathing suits. In the words of Napoleon Dynamite, "Lucky."

Lizanne said...

Guess why that rule was started!

jimmy said...

you know what's funny? this comment section is the most popular spot on this website but there are only a few comments. you know what that means, everyone wants to read about SOMEONE ELSE'S embarrassing stories. c'mon guys, sack up, let's hear it. tell your story!!