How to win friends and influence people…

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I just read this great quote from Dale Carnegie:

“You’ll accomplish more in the next two months developing a sincere interest in two people than you’ll accomplish in the next two years trying to get two people interested in you.”

What would happen if we lived our lives like that? What would happen if we let our spirituality be an influence in a natural organic way rather than trying to get people interested in our ideas? What if we showed less concern about getting the "right angle" to share our faith, and showed more genuine concern about the people around us? What about churches? What if we took all the resources that were dedicated to making our church the most attractive option to the spiritual consumer and rerouted that time, energy, and money towards sincere needs in our community?

What would that look like?


Jeremy said...

Its like the difference between marketing and service. I don't recall anything in the bible telling us how to act to get people to like us, but it does tell us how to help people etc. The true servant hearts don't sell themselves, they just get on and do the work, whether or not they're gaining attention, getting paid etc.

Anonymous said...

awesome post. it reminds me of what Thomas said about how we could reach the world one person per year. it makes it sound so much more possible when you break it down this way. quality vs. quantity. hey, that would be a great mission statement, wouldn't it?

Lat said...

Amen bro! Not to mention how it will change the church members!

Brandon said...

Hey Jimmy,

The quote from your buddy about taking interest in two people... That's actually by Tim Sanders, Cheif Solutions Officer at Yahoo! from his book "Love is the Killer App". www.TimSanders.com

It's a great quote though.And a great book.

- Brandon

jimmy said...

Hey Brandon! I read this quote in an article that Tim Sanders wrote for Relevant Magazine. He credited Dale Carnegie. I've heard that Tim's book is killer! Have you read it?