Yesterday morning in a small evangelical church a longtime member brought a gun to church. Apparently upset over a sermon a few weeks ago, 44 year old Terry Ratzman walked into the service and fired twenty two shots from a 9mm handgun, killing seven and wounding four. Among the dead are the senior pastor, and two members of the youth group including the pastor's 16 year old son. Among the wounded a 10 year old girl. One of Terry's friends at the church was screaming at him as he was shooting, "STOP, STOP, WHY?" Aiming carefully, and shooting slowly, Terry stopped once to reload. At the end of the shooting spree Terry turned the gun on himself and took his own life.
Police say that Terry was on the verge of losing his job, upset with his minister, and belonged to a denomination whose leader recently prophesied that the end times are near.
A relative of one of the wounded said "I wanted to know where God was when this happened, He was supposed to be everywhere. He could have at least been there."


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