life's like an hourglass....glued to the table

I just heard a new single from an up and coming artist Anna Nalick called "Breathe (2am)". I am blown away by the amazing way she crafts a song.....just beautiful. Her voice is amazing too. Anyway, in the middle of the song there is a lyric that says, "Cause you can't jump the track / We're like cars on a cable / and life's like an hourglass / glued to the table...". That line about the hourglass hit me hard. I have this mental image of a child struggling to turn over an hourglass that's been superglued to the table. Is life really like that?

I like the way Anna describes life. The sand running through the hourglass is the here and now. You can't stop it, you can't reverse it, you can't slow it down, you can't start over. The sand keeps going, life keeps going.
That makes me think heavy deep thoughts about the purpose of life. Is it about the destination, or the journey?

What about salvation? Is the sole purpose of salvation a "get out of hell free" card, or is it more than that? Is salvation merely a way to escape judgement or is it about bringing change to the here and now?

Are we missing the point on the "here and now" by being focused solely on "the end reward"?

Check out Anna's site, and listen to the song by clicking HERE.


ben said...

I plan on living for a while.
I say that first because I think that my desire to live until I'm all used up is probably part and partial to the reason that I believe that life is about the journey and not the destination.
On the same token, life, or even the journey itself, is about the choices you make, not why you make them.

The hourglass is a very strong motivator to take advantage of the time allotted for us but I try and remind myself to also view life as a burning candle...Once the wick is lit and the wax is burning - you can not replace the wasted candlestick with the purified remains of the melted wax that once made the candlestick unique.
Take advantage of your life, no one else will do it for you.

Mad Cow said...
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Josh said...

Man, I thought I was the only one who thought salvation to be so much more than "fire insurance." Keep the faith, brother.

lee said...

i'd often thought of my salvation in terms of something i did in the past as a child & that that's that...well, i've recently had to re-think all that & picture this whole redemptive act as something organic, continual & alive, rather than something that happened once upon a time...

sure, the weddings over, the honeymoon hangover long gone & now's the time for the real work that rings of relationship