The weather has been WAY wacky around here lately.
I was in Sacramento earlier today for work and this bad boy touched down causing all kinds of havoc! It was a pretty awesome display of power. It tore the roofs off of apartment buildings, and nearby houses, jacked up bunches of cars, and check this out... it picked up a port-a-pottie and threw it across the street!! Who's gonna clean THAT up?!?!?

It was really amazing to see, but it REALLY jacked up traffic. GGGRRRRRR

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ben said...

Wow! Crazy stuff bro.

I was in ABQ, N.M. this past weekend and got blown over, flooded out, frozen, snowed on and hailed on...all over a three-day weekend...and now this!

Plus, here in SD we've gotten over 16 inches of rain so far with no end in sight...it's the most rain received in SoCal since 1938...in short, I'm tired of it, if I'd wanted rain I would've moved to Seattle!