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I am the “SPANK-INATOR”!!!

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What is your “SINNER” name?

Answer these simple questions to find out your “sinner” name!!!

Pick the one statement below that you identify with most. Then, match up the corresponding letter with the number at the bottom of the quiz to find your “sinner” name!!!

1. I have a hard time staying away from porn sites when the computer is on and no one is around.

2. I enjoy engaging in sexual activity with people of the same sex. No one knows, but if my friends knew I don’t think they would let me come to church anymore.

3. I look forward to quiet nights at home alone so that I can touch myself inappropriately.

4. I have a hard time controlling my mouth. I use the Lord’s name in vain quite frequently.

5. I love to talk about other people’s problems. It’s not really gossip as long as I’m passing along a “prayer request” right?

6. I love to eat. I don’t care if it makes me fat. I don’t care if I am “desecrating the temple”.

7. I’m married, but I have sexual relations with someone other than my wife/husband.

8. I shoplift sometimes, but only when I’m positive I can get away with it.

9. I take scriptures out of context and twist them to make them say what I want them to.

10. I am as concerned, if not more, about my appearance on Sunday morning than I am about the content of the service, or my spiritual progress. I am smokin’ hot baby!

11. I do not have all the things that I deserve. Others around me have way more than me, and aren’t half the Christian that I am.

12. I see lukewarm Christians all around me. I wish they would all grow up. I feel that God has given me the gift of discernment and I feel it is my Christian duty to show these sinners the error of their ways.

13. Ohmigawd... what's wrong with me? I answered yes to ALL the questions!!!

All right kids. Take a minute to pick the one statement that rings true for you. Think about it. You don’t want to end up with the wrong “sinner” name!

Once you have picked your answer scroll down and match up the number from your answer to the numbered answers in the list of “sinner” names below. Share the answer with your friends. Come back after your sin pattern changes and take the quiz again! Who knows, maybe you’ll cycle through several names over the course of time?

Answer Key:
1. The Porn-meister
2. The Homo-nator
3. The Spank-inator
4. The Cuss-meister
5. The Yap-meister
6. The Glutton-ator
7. The Cheat-meister
8. The Theif-inator
9. The Heretic-inator
10. The Vain-meister
11. The Envy-inator
The Judge-meister
13. Apparently, you are the Antichrist

The above survey is obviously a joke. I got the idea from my friend the Porn-meister in a recent comment. The idea of being identified by your sin got me thinking. I thought I’d have a little fun with it. Don’t take it too seriously, don’t get your panties in a twist. It’s OK to laugh at ourselves every once in a while… honest.


Jarred D said...

makes me the cuss meister, especially after a few rum and cokes i guess...funny stuff

Danielle said...

Okay...like OUCH !! Ouch and WOW. Such a great post. I am one who meisters...great food for thought here...and a great challenge to turn these behaviors over to God.

jimmy said...

Maybe that makes you the drink-meister Jarred. I couldn't fit all the names in there...

Roman said...

Well, i didn't answer yes to all, but a reasonable amount and I can think of other things that could do it...does that make me the False Prophet.

(So, apparently, the antichrist will be gay. That's odd, I always pictured him to be Barbara Streisand)

Crissi said...

ROFL! I innocently clicked on the link to the porn-meister.....

I think we all meister. At least you are only a spank meister, and don't meister-bate. That would be horrible.

Hidden Valley Girl said...

So that's why your always flaking on us when we all decide we want to get together for coffee . . . you are always saying that you like to "turn in early", but geez, wow, ehem, alrighty then . . . J/K!!!!!!!!!!! If ya flake on us this Friday night, we now KNOW what you're doing, heheheheee!!