Tell her I don't want her to go

Last night as we were sitting down to dinner I got a call telling me that my Grandmother's doctor had found cancer spreading throughout her intestines. He was doing a surgery on her large intestines when he made this discovery. He said, "We'll have to keep her here for about 5 days, then all you can do is take her home and make sure she's comfortable."
We all sat at the dinner table and cried.
I got up after a while and put on my jacket to go. I told the boys, "I don't think the hospital will let little guys in there because they're worried about the swine flu. I'll let Granny know you said hi, OK guys?"
As I turned for the door Obadiah stopped me.

"Yeah Buddy?"
"Can you tell Granny something for me?"
"Sure man, what is it?"
Through his tears he said, "Tell her I don't want her to go."


Chris said...

Thanks for sharing this jimmy. Helps bring some things into perspective for me. That's all. Just thanks.

Alice said...

Praying for comfort and strength and peace for all of you . . .

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Crissi said...

We're praying for your whole family. I'm so sorry Jimmy.