I speaked, I spoke, I... spake?

I had the opportunity to speak in the weekend services at my home church this past weekend. I really enjoyed it. It is kind of tough to give the same message three times in one weekend though. Especially telling the same jokes. Nothing is funny three times in a row. Unless it's a little kid wacking their dad in the jewels with a baseball bat while the proud dad stands by the baseball tee.
That's hilarious!


curious servant said...

I appreciate the explanation for "Poema"

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing your message. I really enjoyed it. I've been spending some time meditating on the what it means to be 'together in Christ' as Jesus intended and appreciated you bringing this into your message. Timely for me! The Lord actually gave me a song for our city. Check it out if you want
at on my blog www.givingtreepastor.blogspot.com
or www.myspace.com/rccarrillo
thanks again bro for your ministry in our city - you are a voice for the King.