I'm getting old

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I can't believe how big my kids are getting! Obadiah is getting so tall, and Malachi is outgrowing all of his clothes! I'm amazed at how smart they are getting and how quickly they are turning from little kids into big boys!

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Today was a milestone for us. It is Obadiah's first day of school! He's been so excited! For the last two weeeks he's been counting down the days to when he could start school. He would frequently say, "I wish summer was over so I could go to school!"

I'm gonna remind him of that someday.


bjk said...

Came by to say loved your wisdom at Crissi's blog......

TGL said...

Yes..they grow up fast. My daughter is entering 7th grade and still loves school. She likes learning, but is also a social being and loves the interaction with all of her friends. My son doesn't mind school but it doesn't excite him in the same way. He goes, he learns, but other pursuits are of more interest.

Crissi said...

I, too, appreciate your wisdom at my blog. You have a way of guiding that I admire. And I saw the truth in your words. I felt attacked for things that I wasn't even saying, and there was much read into my words that was not even there. People are still writing in, admonishing me for things I was not trying to portray, and taking things way out of context. Thank you for your gentle pastorly guidance.

And congratulations to Obadiah! Lucas started today, too, and we also went through the countdown.