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"Job hearing of his ruin" by Gustave Dore

Sheriff's deputy Andy McDowell was forced to live a parent's worst nightmare twice in a matter of minutes.

After he was taken to the site where his 23 year old son, Rory, was killed in a car crash early Wednesday, McDowell was driven past another fatal accident. Only later did he learn that the fiery wreck took the life of his only other child, 21 year old, Cory.

As a father my heart aches for the loss that the McDowell family is experiencing right now. Join with me and pray for the McDowell's as they deal with this unimaginable grief.

CLICK HERE to read the article, "Brothers die in crashes just minutes apart"


Anonymous said...

It's so hard being us little humans with the capacity to understand only a fraction of who God is and how he works. Beyond the horrible tragedy I am in awe of God--kind of like I am of the ocean--so beautiful but so dangerous, demanding our respect.

Katie H said...

I was JUST about to post about this on my blog. I can't even imagine what this would feel like. My prayers are definitely with this family.