This last week has really been a blur. I’ve felt kind of numb. All the news stories about the hurricane, all the images on the TV and the web. It’s hard to watch. It’s all too much.

Sitting on my couch 2,327 miles away it all seemed so surreal. I felt helpless. I didn’t fell like there was anything I could do.

When the news first started coming in detailing the immensity of the disaster I can remember thinking, “I need to pray, I need to pray.” Which is true, but I need to do more than that. WE need to do more than that. Too often prayer becomes a cop out for Christians. It’s easy to pray without actually DOING anything to help. I realize that I can’t go over there by myself, but I can support those who can. I can’t send water, but I can support the relief agencies that are providing fresh water. I can’t provide medical help, but I can support those who can. I can help. I can do something.


CLICK HERE to Donate to the Salvation Army

Check out a firsthand account of the devastation at DANCING WITH KATRINA


Kristie Allen said...

We need to remember as Followers of Christ that our actions speak the loudest! There is always something we can do to help...thanks for the reminder!

Natalie and Jeremy said...

Loved these photos! Love yours too.
Thanks, N