Hurrican Rita Update

NOT AGAIN...Just when the Gulf Coast thought it was safe to come out and play... Here comes Rita.
Hurricane Rita is Category 4 right now, which is a pretty major Hurricane.
It looks like it's headed for Houston. Our fourth team from Santa Rosa looks like it may be stranded in New Orleans because pretty much every flight from down south goes through Houston.

There are also tons of people getting stuck in Houston. Lizanne is a blogger that frequents this site and she wrote asking for prayer. Lizanne and her husband are church planters in the Houston area. Because of gridlock, and outrageous gas prices her family, and thousands of other families are being forced to hunker down and ride out the storm. Pray with me for those that are forced to stay in those areas...

UPDATE 9-27-05

Lizanne's electricity and internet are back up so she was able to let us know that her family is safe. They got lot's of wind but no damage to their home. She says that the kids are enjoying time away from school!!! Thanks for your prayers.

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