holiday conversations

Dec. 19, 2008. The setting: The boys have been "dismissed" from the Christmas play because of their inability to memorize their lines, and focus during rehearsal. The following conversation occurs the night before the play.
Malachi: "Dude, we gotta rehearse our lines for the Christmas play"
Obadiah: "Dude, we don't have lines, remember we got kicked off the play. Now we're just sheep."
Malachi: "Oh yeah... 'Cause we were ba-a-a-a-ad"

Dec. 25, 2008. The setting: Christmas dinner is being cooked as Malachi is trying out his rollerblades.
Malachi: "When I grow up I'm gonna be a professional skater."
Momma: "That's nice, just don't skate through the kitchen right now."
Malachi: "OK, but can I just go through, 'cause I don't know how to turn around."

p.s. The drum kit is the boy's main Christmas gift. They've been making plans to take over the music world as soon as their new CD comes out. They've got a marketing plan, promotional materials, and a fan club... Now all they need to do is learn how to play.

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Katie Harris said...

your kids are awesome. good job.