catching up

It's been a while, and I don't really have an excuse but I wanted to catch up a bit and let you know what I've been up to. Writing it all down would take days so I'll just post pictures and descriptions. I hope you enjoy!

kalanianaole highway
The summer has been extremely busy! We got a chance to get away for a bit though. A family in our church "adopted" us and sent us to their time share in Hawaii! It was an amazing, relaxing, refreshing time!

the grove
We went back to the grove. It's been over a year now since my Father in Law passed away and we've been back to his favorite place on earth, and his final resting place, several times to remember him.

I started performing wedding ceremonies! This summer I've officiated 4 wedding ceremonies. I've really enjoyed this. I didn't think I would but it's pretty amazing. Especially if I know the couple well. This picture is Jake and Naiomi. They are a part of our homegroup and they are like family to Katie and I. Their wedding ceremony was on the beach in Troncones, Mexico. Too beautiful for words!

We hosted Thanksgiving for our families in our new home!

We've spent as much time as possible on our back deck. The view is amazing and it reminds us of the beauty of God's creation. Each and every sunset is another chance for God to dazzle us!

We got tee peed!!! Katie and the boys look pissed in this picture but it's an act. We were thrilled because, as my brother Ben pointed out, "this means that somebody loves you enough to get up at three in the morning!"

We got our tree put up! Katie really gets into seasonal decorations and the Christmas season is the pinnacle of the decorative goodness! Bring on Christmas! Bring on the extra services! Bring on the gifts! Bring on the New Year!!!


Linda said...

you forgot to add a picture of me camping out at your house having my "sabbatical"...or some may call it "squating"...either way...

glad you are back in the blogging world. it makes me happy!

love you, katie and the boys!!!

jeff said...

Hey Jimmy! Thanks for the comment ... been awhile, no? The pics came out well, it was a different experience to say the least. Love the pics on your site ... sounds like your enjoying life.

Brett Maxwell said...

cool stuff man!

I'll be in CA in a few weeks, and a friend and I are planning on hitting Russian River on the 23rd, I believe that's in your neck of the woods, you should join us!

jimmy said...

Absolutely! Sounds like fun!

jamie said...

Looks like an amazing summer. I've never been to the redwoods, but I feel inspired.

jimmy said...

Hey Jamie! Yes, you have to check out the redwoods! They have a wonderful grove here in Santa Rosa, but these pics were taken up in Humboldt County. I could give you directions to the best spots!

Anonymous said...

Ah, goodbye myspace, hello blogger. Jimmy, you will still hold a spot in the top friends of my heart! :)

jimmy said...

Myspace Schmyspace, know what I'm sayin'?

Thanks Gina, you'll always be in my top eight.

Dean said...

Jimmy...Merry Christmas! I now have a couple of blogs...one for the fam and me: thedeguaras.blogspot.com