The strangest thing happened the other night, I was at a bar and a worship service broke out!

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"There is no better loss than to lose myself in You..."

I got the chance to see MuteMath at Slim's in San Francisco on Thursday night. I had heard about their live shows and I have their debut EP so I was familiar with their music. Their live show was absolutely amazing! The energy they put out on stage was just incredible! If you ever get the chance to see them I highly recommend it!
Their music is great and their lyrics are very straightforward and some of the lyrics directly quote scripture. At several points in the evening you could see people with hands upraised singing along in worship right in the middle of this dimly lit bar. It was really an amazing experience.


Dave Williamson said...

Right on, bro! You'd get into Kevin Prosch's stuff, out of Kansas City Fellowship. He has the same burn. He will play in bars, churches, revivals, and concert halls just the same. Jesus said GO TO, not retreat from. Be in the world, not of it. Be the salt of the earth. We can't forget that since we are the light of the world, where we have been, a glow remains.

krawdaddee said...

thanks for the post. i'd never heard of these guys. they sound like a mix of interpol and the killers with taylor hawkins of the foo sitting in on drums...i can dig it. ordered their cd a few days ago.