what we've been up to...

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Katie and a few of her friends are opening their own salon! She's been doing hair and makeup for weddings and special events for about 8 years and decided to open up a full service salon. They are calling it "the Powder Room".

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This is one of Katie's partners, Deeanna, in the building. Before we got it, it was a second hand store that was stuffed from floor to ceiling with every imaginable item.

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The first step in getting ready was demolition!!! This building was in serious need of an overhaul. This is Katie with her other partner Jennifer tearing up the old flooring. They had clients booked already so we were on a deadline. Everyone helped out.

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Remodeling is dusty.

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After the demolition it was time to start rebuilding! This is my Dad and I installing the hardwood floors. With the tight deadline we were at the building until midnight most nights. One night we stayed until quarter to 4 in the morning!!! I still haven't recovered.

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On Tuesday morning the building looked like a construction site. By midnight Tuesday night it looked like this! We had clients booked for Wednesday morning!

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They've decided to go with a "shabby chic" motif. They found most of the furniture used, and then painted it white and pink to match the salon look. Some of the furniture was more shabby than chic. Oh well, beggers can't be choosers.

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We got done just in time for the first clients! There are a few last things to get done before it's totally finished, but it looks great already! I'm so proud of Katie and her crew. They've done an awesome job!


jimi said...

There are two places called the Powder Room around here. Only they are both shooting galleries. Oddly it fits them both equally well. Don't think there should be any confusion from the redecorations though. That's quite the turnaround. Well done!

Crissi said...

Awesome! You guys did an amazing job, and I am so excited for Katie and everyone about this business. Now I just can't wait to get married so that Katie can beautify me in the Powder Room!

The Rev said...

Congrats! When is the open house?

joel said...

congratulations!!! now there should be absolutely no reason in the world your eyebrows become singular.

shayne pasaol said...

SO RAD!!!! CONGRATS on THE POWDER ROOM, Katie! And way to go Jimmy for being on board with the demolition and the remodeling.

Mad Cow said...

Total radness. I'm so proud of you guys!