poster child for christianity

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Meet Margaret Perrin.
Margaret was a part of the television show "Trading Spouses" where the mothers from two diverse families trade places for one week while the cameras roll tape. Margaret is from Louisiana, and is a church going, Bible believing, Revelations quoting, "God warrior". She spent a week with a new age family as the new age mom spent a week with Margaret's family. What a wonderful opportunity for Margaret to be an example of Christlike grace, love, and acceptance. Unfortunately Margaret couldn't get past the "dark sided" ways of the new age family she landed with. She didn't really make too many friends in the family. It did however appear that she reinforced many preconceived notions about Christians being close minded, narrow, unloving, selfish and unaccepting.

Is that really what Christians are about? Why would anyone want to be a part of that family?

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Jeremy said...

Yeah, they do good casting on that show, for good tv that is, not for good examples of 'getting along'. Who wants to watch a normal family with a visitor getting along for a week.

Based on that song I'm glad I haven't seen that episode, she would drive me crazy.

Roman said...

I say we owe her a thanks...for reminding us why we want change to begin with.

ben said...

Holy Wow Batman!

I particularly liked when she started rebuking the camera people in the name of the the Lord...tsk, tsk.

P.S. I'm now an athiest, yup, just now.
P.S.S. I'm pretty sure God is seriously considering revoking freewill because of her...Thanks Bitch.

chris said...

I always look forward to the yawlps of great joy I get everytime I visit...unless the post is tragic or dark or, you know...serious or something. But this...oh this. Well, I grew up in a new age family and later became a Christian. I used to be ashamed...

bjk said...

I had to turn it off....it was scary and scary to me that people will think THAT IS WHAT CHRISTIANS are....Great TV though I'm sure.

Katie H said...

I watched it too and WANTED to turn it off, but I couldn't. It was like a car accident. You don't want to look, but you have to. I think you are right Roman. When I see things like that, I'm not so much ashamed to call myself a Christian, I'd say it motivates me more to set an example UNLIKE the one she provided.

Kristie Allen said...

I saw part of that and couldn't not believe it!! It made me sick and I had to turn it off!!! SERIOUSLY who would want to be a part of her family! That's it I'm not a Christian anymore...I don't want to be associated with people like that!! I am a Christ Follower!